Get your equipment serviced with ServGas for complete peace of mind.

Help prevent an expensive breakdown. 
A service can highlight, and even help prevent, potential faults with your boiler, saving you expensive repair bills later. 
Peace of mind to you and your family regarding gas safety. 

During the service an engineer will inspect and test all the key components and the safety of your appliance. 
Prevent dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, poisonous gas that can be released by faulty boilers. A service will inspect and clean the components that can cause a carbon monoxide leak.

Heating boiler

Gas Boiler Service

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service

What's included in your gas boiler service? 
Full clean and check of vital boiler components 
Ventilation and gas soundness check 
Gas pressure check 
Wiring polarity check 
Safety control check 
Flue condition check 
Flue spillage check 
Water leaks check 
System pressure check 
All reports emailed to you within the hour

Gas Fire Service

Customized to Your Preferences

What's included in your gas fire service? 
Remove glass front or door assembly 
Clean out assembly 
Inspect burner and catalysts and clean if necessary 
Turn off gas supply 
Remove burner unit and burner pipes and clean 
Clean in-line restrictor, pilot assembly and burner pipes 
Re-assemble components 
Turn gas supply back on and test for leaks 
Refit assembly and/or casing 
Check ventilation 
Re-light fire and test setting pressure 
Check safe operation of the appliance 
All reports emailed to you within the hour