What is a Powerflush?

A Powerflush is a cleaning process that removes sludge, rust and debris from the pipes, boiler and radiators in your heating system.

A Powerflush is a cleaning process that removes sludge, rust and debris from the pipes, boiler and radiators in your heating system. If left, the sludge can cause corrosion and blockages, which can lead to boiler breakdowns, radiators not working and in worse case scenarios a need to re-pipe the whole property. If the system is clean, the boiler will work more efficiently and radiators will heat up more effectively. 

What are the signs that you may need a Powerflush?

  • Cold areas on radiators, usually at the bottom

  • Boiler over heating and making noise

  • Radiators not coming on at the same time or not at all

  • Central heating system parts including the boiler and pump,  continually fail and need replacing 

  • Leaks in pipework and radiator valves become visible

  • Banging noises from central heating system and pipework

  • Discoloured water when you bleed the radiators

What are the benefits of a Powerflush?

  • Improved energy efficiency.

  • A more reliable system.

  • Increase the lifespan of your system.

  • Reduced chance of a breakdown.

  • Hotter radiators.

  • Radiators will heat up quicker.

  • Quieter boiler and radiators.

  • Higher hot water temperatures.

How do we carry out a Powerflush?

At ServGas, we use the latest machinery to carryout the work. Before work commences, we survey the property using am infra red camera and note those areas that need more attention. A suitable area in the property is chosen to access the main pipework of the central heating. All floors areas are protected with sheets and plastic lining.  Using a Norstrom Thermal Pro Flush in conjunction with an Adey Magnacleanse we connect the hoses to the household central heating system. The central heating system is drained of its existing water and replaced with warm fresh water dosed with strong chemical cleaners. All but one radiator is closed and that radiator is then flushed in both direction by the machinery and at the same time a soft sds bung on the end of a vibrating drill is carefully used to loosen up particles from the radiator, until all the debris is removed. We then mover on to the next radiator and so on. Once all radiators are done we concentrate on other parts of the system. The system is then flushed with clean water and replenished with fresh water and chemical inhibitor. If not yet fitted, a central heating magnetic filter is fitted. 

All work is carried out to BS 7593:2019

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